Big River Propeller has been a dream of Samuel Davis’s for years. Samuel Davis started out as an assistant engineer working for Missouri Barge Line. After doing that for a few years he moved over to Missouri Dry Dock in the propeller repair shop. There he was trained by Lester Fornkohl and continued to work there for 17 years. Samuel Davis was great at what he did there but he wanted more. Those dreams of being a business owner pushed him to go for a management position within his line of work.

He accepted a position at Houston Propeller as Operations manager. It was that position that helped him uncover the management style he still carries today. After working with Houston Propeller for 4 years Sam was offered a position at BAE Systems as the Machinery Department Manager. BAE Systems provides services such as overhauling Navy destroyers, mega yachts, and tow boats. He worked there for 12 years. Although very happy there, he still had dreams of being a business owner. We worked on a business plan and searched for the perfect location.

The Paducah area is where the heart of the Inland Waterway Marine Industry thrives so it was on the top of the list. After building a solid business plan we located a great location in La Center Kentucky. Big River Propeller is capable of repairing propellers up to 122 inches in diameter/10,000.00 lbs. We have over 145 years of experience and we know how to take care of our customers. We offer first time quality for a competitive price. We are eager to earn your business.

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